Zipic Roadmap

We are currently working on the features below.

In Progress Now

We are working on these features right now.

  • Global Keyboard ShortcutsIn Progress Now

    Supports setting global keyboard shortcuts for quick image compression, making compression more convenient.

  • Support for ICNS FormatIn Progress Now

    Supports compression of ICNS icon files, convenient for app developers.

  • Support for TIFF FormatIn Progress Now

    Supports compression of TIFF format images, convenient for illustrators or designers.

Next planned

Those are the features that are planned for the next few months. They are ordered by priority.

  • Compress to Target SizeNext planned

    Supports setting a target storage size for compression, achieving the desired size.

  • Add WatermarkNext planned

    Allows adding custom watermarks when compressing images, ensuring protection and quality.

  • Real-Time Compression ControlNext planned

    Supports real-time adjustment of image compression intensity and viewing effects in the comparison window.

  • Support for Video CompressionNext planned

    Supports compression of video formats such as MP4 and WebM, reducing video size and improving transmission efficiency.

  • Document Image CompressionNext planned

    Implements recognition and compression of images within documents, achieving document slimming effects and saving the manual replacement steps.

Suspended Now

We began our work on those tasks, but the work has been temporarily suspended.


    Those features are already completed and available in Zipic.

    • Support for New Notification StylesCompleted

      Supports both notch and regular notification styles, providing a better user experience.

    • System Support for macOS 12.0+Completed

      Backward compatibility with lower system versions, supporting macOS 12.0+.

    • Support for List SortingCompleted

      Supports different sorting rules, such as file size, date, name, etc.

    • Monitor Files and Auto-CompressCompleted

      Supports monitoring specified directories and automatically compressing newly added images, making the compression process more convenient.

    • Increased Compression FlexibilityCompleted

      Enhances Finder context menu to compress multiple files or directories. Supports dragging and dropping multiple files or directories to the Dock icon for compression.

    • URL Scheme & Raycast IntegrationCompleted

      Implements URL Scheme for convenient external calls to automate workflows. Supports integration with Raycast for quick image compression.

    • Pro License AuthorizationCompleted

      Supports Pro license authorization, allowing Pro users to enjoy the full suite of Pro features.

    • Preserve Creation TimestampCompleted

      Preserves the creation timestamp of compressed images when replacing files, ensuring the integrity of image information.

    • Update Check and DownloadCompleted

      Supports checking for updates and downloading the latest version of Zipic.

    • Support for GIF CompressionCompleted

      Supports compression of GIF files.

    • Subdirectory Creation ToggleCompleted

      Introduces an option to control the automatic creation of a 'zipic' subdirectory within the selected directory for orderly storage.

    • Drag-and-Drop Image CopyCompleted

      Supports dragging and dropping images to specified locations to complete image copying, inserting into documents, and saving.

    • Standard Format ConversionCompleted

      Supports conversion between standard image formats and performs necessary compression to optimize results.

    • Optimized Save OptionsCompleted

      Optimizes the design of compression options, supporting replacement options to further reduce the complexity of corresponding choices.

    • Pre- and Post-Compression ComparisonCompleted

      Allows users to view a comparison of images before and after compression within the window, quickly understanding the compression effect.

    • Support for More FormatsCompleted

      Supports compression of more image formats such as HEIC/HEIF and WebP.

    • Set Default Save DirectoryCompleted

      Allows setting a default image save directory, supporting retention of the selected directory structure, saving the trouble of manually selecting directories.

    • Set Output ResolutionCompleted

      Allows setting custom unified resolution size for faster and better batch output.

    • Automatic Directory Traversal Batch CompressionCompleted

      Supports processing multiple directories and files at once, automatically traversing and compressing supported images, making the compression process more convenient.

    • Native App DesignCompleted

      Native app interface design, compliant with system design, supporting light and dark modes.

    • Compressed Image StatisticsCompleted

      Continuously tracks space saved and number of images compressed, clearly displaying compression results.

    • Post-Compression NotificationCompleted

      Provides post-compression notification options, tracking progress in real-time and showing time and space saved.

    • One-Click Copy of Compressed ImagesCompleted

      Supports copying image data, which can be set as path, file itself, or Markdown link.

    • Image Compression Info DisplayCompleted

      Displays basic information of compressed images in a list, including thumbnail, name, compression status, and compression ratio.

    • Minimal Compression OptionsCompleted

      Provides compression intensity and save configuration options, designed to be simple yet flexible.

    • Support for JPEG/PNG FormatsCompleted

      Supports compression of the most commonly used JPEG and PNG image formats.

    • Drag-and-Drop Batch CompressionCompleted

      Support for dragging images into the main window for batch compression, achieving high-quality compression quickly.