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Drag, drop, compress with Zipic. Handle batch images effortlessly while enjoying task completion notifications. Support for various popular formats.

  • High compression ratio with visual lossless
  • Batch compress JPEG/PNG/WebP/HEIC/GIF
  • Post-compression notification alerts batches
Image two
Image one
Visual Lossless

High Compression Ratio

See the difference? The original image is on the left of the slider bar, the right one is compressed at level 3. Both are at a resolution of 1512 px x 1512 px.
Slide the bar to compare the details.

  • The image is compressed from 403KB to 108KB
  • Keeping the image resolution
  • No difference can be seen visually
Privacy Protection

Compress Localy

The image compression process only reads the selected files and saves them locally according to the configuration.

  • Image compression is done locally
  • No network transmission activities
Minimalist Design

Native Design

A system-native, lightweight application that guarantees efficient operation through minimal actions.

  • System Native Design to ensure efficient operation
  • A small-sized installation package
  • Dark, Light or Auto modes
Easily Operate

Compression Options

Ditch the complexity. Our app embraces minimalism, making compression straightforward and effortless.

  • Compression Level: Decrease file size effectively
  • Easy Resizing: Adjust image dimensions seamlessly
  • Format Flexibility: Convert to WebP, HEIC, or JPEG
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Start free with Zipic, compress 25 images daily.

  • Compress 25 images/day
  • Batch processing
  • Image resizing
  • Format conversion
  • No device limit
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Unlock unlimited compressions for 2 devices.

  • Unlimited compressions
  • All Free features
  • Preserve metadata
  • Auto-copy to clipboard
  • New features soon
  • 2 devices per license
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Save $20

Unlock unlimited compressions for 10 devices.

  • Unlimited compressions
  • All Free features
  • Preserve metadata
  • Auto-copy to clipboard
  • New features soon
  • 10 devices per license
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Have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started?

  • Five ways:
  • 1. Drag image into main window (preferred).
  • 2. Click "Open Image" in the window.
  • 3. Use "Open" in the file menu.
  • 4. Drag selected image to Dock icon.
  • 5. Right-click selected image in Finder, choose "Open With" and pick Zipic.

Image compression options?

  • 1. Compression Level: Ten levels - smaller the number, higher the compression rate.
  • 2. Resize: Adjust the size of images seamlessly and conveniently.
  • 3. Convert: Swift conversion into formats such as WebP, HEIC, or JPEG.
  • 4. Save Mode: Replace original file, generate new file with suffix, or save to specific directory.
  • 5. Copy Options: Copy image path, image file, or Markdown image link. Option selection triggers copy button.

Is Zipic free?

  • Zipic is free to download and use with a limit of 25 image compressions per day. Purchase a license key to remove this limit.

Does Zipic support Windows?

  • Currently, Zipic supports only macOS 13.0+ (Ventura or higher), Windows version is on its way!