V1.6.1 macOS

Zipic has introduced a new feedback system🎉, now supporting macOS 12.0 and above. Performance optimized🎈, multiple issues fixed🐛. Thanks for your support and feedback!✨

🗓️ Date: 2024-06-10

Thank you to all our friends for your valuable feedback and suggestions, which help Zipic continuously improve and refine!

🎉 New Features

  • New feedback collection method
  • Support for macOS 12.0 and above

🎈 Enhancements

  • Optimized JPEG metadata logic

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where notification pop-ups brought the app to the foreground
  • Fixed the issue where PS exported images could not be compressed
  • Fixed the negative optimization issue with compression

✨ Other

  • None
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