V1.2 macOS

Supports compression for HEIC/HEIF/WebP image formats✨; Compare compressed images for an intuitive view of the results🎈; Not satisfied with the compression quality? No worries, easily restore the original image🛠️; Monitor the real-time progress of batch compression tasks and take control of your time.🤩

🗓️ Date: 2023-12-02

🎉 New Features

  • Image Format Support: Newly added compression support for HEIC/HEIF and WebP formats.
  • Enhanced Image Handling: Added image restoration, compression progress indicator, and an image preview window for comparing pre and post-compression effects.
  • UI Enhancements: Introduced replace compression option, optimized slider style, image info view design, changed option view titlebar, and unified decorators.

🎈 Performance Improvements

  • Optimized operation queue allocation strategy, limited the number of task thread queues, and improved image compression performance.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple functional issues, including queue warning, recovery function failure, view update failure, crashes with larger image resolutions, and save directory errors.

✨ Other Updates

  • Added Twitter Info in the About View.
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